Artist: Vance Joy
Title: Riptide
Album: God Loves You When You're Dancing


riptide // vance joy

i was scared of dentists and the dark
i was scared of pretty girls and starting conversations
oh, all my friends are turning green
you’re the magician’s assistant in their dreams


Growing up I always thought true love was red roses, dates on Saturday nights, little black box that held expensive things, and always knowing what to say. I thought true love was a kiss in the rain, deep explanations, and the perfect story. But now that I’m older I’ve realized it’s not like that at all.

See because true love for me is ugly snapchats, and peeing while you’re on the phone. True love is kissing at 6 AM despite the morning breath and singing at the top of your lungs. It’s saying all the wrong things, at all the wrong moments. It’s sarcasm and being honest even when it hurts. It’s late hours of the night when it’s been a long day and it’s no make up and bad hair. It’s tears from laughter, it’s tears from sadness and it’s nothing like any storybook you’ve ever read. It’s never running out of things to talk about, and it’s being comfortable in the silence of things. True love is watching The Titanic though you swore you never would. It’s getting mad over stupid things. It’s “you’re an idiot,” and “you’re a little shit” and knowing you’re so lucky to hear those every day. It’s spilling your feelings at 4 AM when you should be asleep. It’s that song you hear on the radio that always makes you smile. It’s the worst story you could imagine, but thank God it worked out anyways. True love is never losing the magic. True love is not leaving when things get hard.

I like my definition better anyways.

—Another Piece About You (via brennanat)



It’s like they’re the same person

I can’t get over how cute this is.



Never forget

i want to join this list


I hate nights by myself because I get lonely and sad and I overthink things and when I think about certain things I get even more sad and lonely



alternative house words:

  • stark: bad decision making 101 (now with 110% more honor)
  • targaryen: incest is best
  • lannister: dolla dolla bills ya’ll
  • baratheon: oh i just cant WAIT to be king
  • tyrell: flowers and homosexuals
  • greyjoy: fuck u i won’t do what u tell me
  • tully: [fish noises]
  • martell: we’re fuckin badass and u all know it
  • bolton: u came 2 the wrong neighborhood mothafucka
  • frey: even we don’t like us


6 out of ? It’s Grace logo animations, Koala onesie!

How do people end up in relationship after relationship after relationship and I can’t find a single person to even find me remotely interesting for a solid ten seconds? 


Fangirl Challenge + [2/10] Female characters: Peyton Sawyer (One Tree Hill.)

"When you stop fighting, you stop living. so.. find your fight. then fight like hell ‘til your battle has won".